[LMB] Thoughts on Miles and Ekaterin's wedding

Phyllis LeFevre plefevre at hotmail.com
Tue, 12 Feb 2002 18:50:11 -0500

>From: "Laura Gallagher"

>That doesn't mean there weren't articles in papers or magazines about it
though - although I doubt they bothered to read any of them.

>Also, it's the wedding of an auditor with the niece of another auditor.
A press type might find that an interesting angle.

Maybe. But I tend to think that *because* it's Miles, and *because* he's
Aral Vorkosigan's son and *because* he's an Auditor and *because* his
family has the history that it does, I really think that there's a
greater likelihood that there was a small wedding.

Now maybe.......they had a very public 'reception' or party as it were.
But I don't think that the ceremony was anywhere near the scale/scope of
Gregors. Miles wants Gregor to have an heir so badly.....just so HE isn't
anywhere in line. This also tends to make me think he'd want it to be
pretty private.

Although.......(if Lois ever pops on list to read these)......I would be
MORE than happy to read about a Vorkosigan circus-style wedding!! ;-)


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no one is perfect, it follows that all great deeds have been accomplished
out of imperfection. Yet they were accomplished, somehow, all the same."
Cordelia Naismith Vorkosigan,  Mirror Dance  by Lois McMaster Bujold


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