possibly of interest to Fan Artists was Re: [LMB] Very OT: young Listies (was Women hitting on men.)

Martin Bonham mjdb at internet.co.nz
Wed, 13 Feb 2002 16:37:57 +1300

 Janet Bruesselbach <jupitre at earthlink.net> wrote
>Er... sorry I took awhile to catch up on mail.

Janet, glad to see you posting.

Did you get a private email from me referencing John Ringo's 
newsgroup over at Baen's Bar?

No harm in mentioning it here anyway - you may not be the only 
fan artist interested.
He is offering signed books as prizes for the best illustrations 
of characters from his March series (co written with David 
Weber). More details available off list or goto his newsgroup 
and search for "Picture Contest".

Also in the Publishers Podium conference there is a conversation 
where Jim and several Arthors are talking about cover art.
(Jim seems quite happy to make jokes about the required 
"spaceship on the cover")


Martin Bonham, Auckland, (Aotearoa) New Zealand.