[LMB] OT: bad dentists

JMW JMW lady_isabeau at msn.com
Wed, 13 Feb 2002 01:55:48 -0700

Does anyone know where I can go to report an unprofessional dentist?  This 
guy was rude and nasty, and gave me a very rough cleaning--when I objected 
he essentially told me to stop being a baby.  (Now, when it comes to needles 
and fillings, I admit I _am_ a baby, but a cleaning shouldn't hurt!  I swear 
I got hickeys from the way he jerked the suction tube around--ok, tmi, 
sorry.)  So, I was wondering if I could report him to the Better Business 
Bureau, or if there is a specific medical authority I can go to.


Joy W.

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