[LMB] Thoughts on Miles and Ekaterin's wedding

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Wed, 13 Feb 2002 09:25:55 -0800

> From: "Laura Gallagher" <kelts at earthlink.net>
> Alan wrote:
> > I dunno. The emperor is the bigshot, an Auditor is only one of many
> > high ranking officals. Would we notice if one of the joint chiefs
> > of staff got married?
> I am SO not the right person to ask that.  I don't pay attention to
> the press, and I don't pay attention to the joint chiefs of staff. ....
> Any of the types who do notice press and chiefs of staff want to
> comment?

Miles is [1] the son of That Vorkosigan, [2] largely featured in the heavily-covered
Council of Counts meeting wherein the Vorrutyer patrimony was determined and various
people incriminated or vindicated, and incidentally he became engaged to Ekaterin, and
[3] more recently was the Emperor's best man at the latter's wedding.

[nyet-spoilered] On Cordelia and her mother chatting with Ekaterin about life with
Miles;  maybe they =suggested= the location of their honeymoon?

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