[LMB] Evil Filk Idea...has it been done already?

cynthia1960 at attbi.com cynthia1960 at attbi.com
Wed, 13 Feb 2002 18:22:49 +0000

I've been in the midst of a Cetaganda/Komarr/ACC 
rereading session and the current thread about the 
Koudelka Girls young adult book titles isn't helping me 
any (keep up the good work there, some of these are 
beautifully *evil*), but now I'm wondering if some mad 
filker out there with actual skill in adapting lyrics 
hasn't come out with some sort of filk about Miles' love 
life (also could be Ivan's love life) set to the tune 
of "California Girls" by the Beach Boys.

"Wish they all could be Barrayaran girls" at least 
scans, and certainly describes Miles' situation after he 
breaks up with Elli, and I suppose a verse or two could 
describe Ivan's adventures in Eta Cetan society.

Mark and others who are more up on filksongs, is 
anything like this out there, and if not, why not?

(who spends time at Consonance as one of the designated 
appreciators but has been known to sing along with the