[LMB] Amazon Sales ratings

Nancy L. Barber nlbarber at mac.com
Wed, 13 Feb 2002 14:13:34 -0500

At 4:37 PM +1300 2/13/02, Martin Bonham wrote:
>There is apparently an unaffiliated website that tracks Amazon
>sales ratings. It has to be asked to track a book, but once
>someone has done that it keeps the sales figures and gives
>either a table or a graph showing the sales ratings over time.
>http://www.amazonscan.com      or her examples of
>_DI_ tabulated
>and graphed

Guess I could have posted here, as well.  <g>

Amazonscan will let you set up a 'personal portfolio' of
books you want to track. I put some Bujold books in, but
ran out of steam--anyone who wants to add to the list, please
do and let us all know.  As their search engine is...annoyingly
slow, here are links to the books I entered:

DI     http://www.amazonscan.com/index.cfm?asin=0743435338
Chalion     http://www.amazonscan.com/index.cfm?asin=0380979012
Cordelia's Honor  http://www.amazonscan.com/index.cfm?asin=0671578286
ACC    http://www.amazonscan.com/index.cfm?asin=0671578855
BoI     http://www.amazonscan.com/index.cfm?asin=0671720937
MM&M   http://www.amazonscan.com/index.cfm?asin=0671318586
EoA   http://www.amazonscan.com/index.cfm?asin=067165604X

  (Note that as they track by ASIN, paperbacks and hardback
editions are separate.  I went with whatever was newest, IIRC.)

Nancy Barber
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