[LMB] OT: Real World Spellcasting

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Wed, 13 Feb 2002 12:58:32 -0800 (PST)

Royce Day <Royce_Day at choicehotels.com> wrote:

> Just in case you still think you can channel Satan and
> cast spells by reading Harry Potter ...

Y'know, I think what really chaps the fundies is
that Rowling's _Harry Potter_ gets so much media 
attention while the books and movie of Lahaye's
_Left Behind_ fantasy series  ( _not_ to be 
confused with Diane Ravitch's _Left Back_  -- for
which I await the movie version with bated breath.) 
gets ignored.  Rowling hovers in the Amazon rankings
in the 200's while Lahaye seems to stay around
700 or so -- still quite respectable for series
fiction.[1]  Fans of each besiege the stores when
a new book is released.  Fans of each -- oh
well, they're _FANS_.  Who expects them to
act rationally?  ;-) 

A difference is Rowling's authorized by her
artistic license to provide one take on magic
which,if conflicting with any other interpreter's
take, provokes amusing discussion. Lahaye is 
offering "the" take on eschatology under an imprimatur
that seems to me far from amused to brook discussion
of alternative views.   Which is to suggest the
fundies get riled if readers suspend disbelief regarding
a Sorcerer's Stone AND if readers  suspend _belief_ 
regarding the rapture. 

But that difference doesn't seem to me to justify
the difference in news coverage.  To the contrary,
while I consider the notion that kids might
be damaged by fear of Voldemort groundless; the 
notion that kids might get damaged by fear
of hellfire seems well founded.  Howcome the
proverbial "both sides"  -- critics and fan/defenders --
of Lahaye don't get some fair share of the
attention Rowling gets?  

[1] By contrast _Left Back_ is ranked at 
about 42,000...  but then Ravitch's books 
aren't fiction. Regrettably. 

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