[LMB] OT: Real World Spellcasting

Louann Miller louann_m at yahoo.com
Wed, 13 Feb 2002 16:31:20 -0600

At 04:34 PM 2/13/2002 -0500, Royce wrote:

>POUNCER wrote:
> >   Which is to suggest the
> > fundies get riled if readers suspend disbelief regarding
> > a Sorcerer's Stone AND if readers  suspend _belief_
> > regarding the rapture.
>If I'm reading you right, you're saying that fundies *can't* claim that
>HP's magic is fictional, because that would mean their enjoyment of a
>novel based on the Rapture is pure fantasy as well.  Which is a sad
>thing to think, because that would mean they're unable to open their
>minds to thinking about an Idea just *because*, and not requiring it to
>connect to anything really relevant beyond a simple pleasure.

Sad, but at least sometimes true. I have had conversations with a 
particular Fundie (did I mention I frequent talk.origins) who was unwilling 
to let pass _any_ statement that he considered fudging the line between 
fact and fiction, such as "Tom Sawyer was Huck Finn's best friend" or 
"Unicorns have one horn." Tom, Huck, and unicorns are _not real_ and 
therefore for him no statements at all can be made about them.

I think part of it is that nobody's born knowing how to look at things from 
more than one point of view. Most of us are taught the skill at an early 
age ("How would you like it if you were a girl and someone pulled _your_ 
ponytail?") at least to some extent. Others of us, and fandom averages well 
to the right of that bell curve, go further and actively try to get into 
other worldviews for the entertainment value.  ("To a Klingon, your ideas 
make no sense.") But it does take time to learn, and it can be rather 
painful at the start. If you drum into someone early enough and long enough 
that there is only one REAL worldview, their own, and that nothing else 
really counts, it can become a permanent blinder. Especially if a tendency 
to actively resist contradictory ideas as evil is part of the conditioning.


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