[LMB] Ekaterin's mood.[not]

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Wed, 13 Feb 2002 16:47:39 -0800

oops - guess I trimmed to much.  We're talking about a person in McCrumb's
PMS Outlaw book. Not Ekaterin.

If I was to apply the below statement to Ekaterin, I would say she is the
opposite - she is so focused on finding the positive in a relationship that
she doesn't fully acknowledge the negatives.  She feels she had no choice -
but if she could have stepped back a bit and taken a less resigned look at
her husband, she may have felt differently. It is less easy to relate this
to her tho - as she is a full realized main character not a stereotyped side

> > My feeling toward the end of the book toward her was - Quit bitching
> > what you don't Have and Enjoy what you DO.  & That she is wrong -
> > Beauty is
> > more attitude then anything else.   Both come down the more you
> > dwell on the
> > negative aspects, the more consuming they become.  Dwell on the positive
> > bit more and the negatives become less important.  I felt she spent far
> > much time dwelling on what was wrong with her instead of saying,
> > that's the
> > way it is - how can I make it my advantage.
> It has to be said after 8 years or so of misery in a crap relationship, it
> is hard to change the thought patterns and self deprecation that tend to
> pile up. If she had been all cheerful and happy that would have been
> horribly grating.
> Mandos
> /s
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