Gender Confusion--was Re: [LMB] DI---- NO SPOILERS

Marla J. Davis crzydrgn at
Wed, 13 Feb 2002 21:29:01 -0600

Pilot Padget wrote:

Long hair, slight-to-medium build.  If I'm wearing a loose-fitting shirt,
looking down, not walking, and not talking (often the case when I'm at
checkout and unloading the cart), there aren't a whole lot of obvious gender
cues except the hair and the flat chest.  And there's a fair number of
athletic, minimally-endowed women who wear jeans and polo or t shirts around
here, but not a lot of long-haired men, so these young cashiers (paying more
attention to goods than to me) often pick the wrong feature (hair) as the
determinant of my gender.

<snip rest>

Heh.  I get "sir"d a lot at stores...and I most definitely am NOT
under-endowed!  ::snickering::  I don't bother correcting 'em either--I just
grin a lot.  It's *so* much more fun watching them apologize profusely!'s probably not a good sign that it's the *ladies* always mistaking
me for a guy...!  <=P

who's NEVER gonna let her e-mails slide for more than a week, ever
again...NEVERNEVERNEVER!!!  Geez!!  After pruning, I *still* had nearly 1200
accumulated to plow through...<wailing> and more kept *coming!!!* </wailing>