[LMB] OT: List traffic explosion

Casey Allison cameramom00 at yahoo.com
Thu, 14 Feb 2002 10:28:30 -0800 (PST)

--- iyap at toad.net wrote:

> Are people having trouble keeping up with the list?

   <Casey falls out of chair, rolls on floor, pounds
fists on carpet....> <*G*>

> If I get really behind, I just delete everything
> that arrived before a certain date.  I can usually
> pick up what I missed from quoted material, and
> if not there's always the archives.
   That's a more ruthless discipline than I can
maintain, at the moment anyway.

   Does anyone else miss the digest-by-date archiving
as much as I do? I mean, in some cases, the new sort
capabilities are handy... but not flawless. And I have
a hard time making them flow by date, if picking up
where I left off is the desired restart. (I read up a
bit before resubbing by individual msg.)

   For instance, when I wished to go back and read the
posts of 9/11 and immediate aftermath, it was easily
done. (And incredibly chilling, when Royce's post of
the initial news was the *last one* in that digest!)
Unless I'm misunderstanding how to do it, it doesn't
seem that one can read *archive by digest* now. 

   If I'm wrong about that, please someone set me
straight. I fear that very soon that'll be the only
way I can keep up (and it would help Michael B. to
print-now-read-later *from archive*, if he doesn't
wish to change his current receipt status).

~ Casey

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