[LMB] Thoughts on Miles and Ekaterin's wedding

Susan Fox-Davis selene at earthlink.net
Thu, 14 Feb 2002 11:31:59 -0800

>    To me, condemning the FancyFeast Style for Second
> Weddings convention because of a "damaged goods"
> attitude would equate to doing the same for a second
> baby shower. Repeated full-out baby showers are seen
> as something Just Not Done, either; it's vaguely
> tacky. Baby's not damaged goods, she/he is just #2 in
> the birth order, as is Couple #2 in the wedding order.

Laura G pines:

>Yeah, and why AREN'T repeated baby showers done?
>Hmph.  Disgruntled sounds.... :-(

Hinting, dear?  There is the presumption of hand-me-downs for a lot of
the larger goods, like the cradle and such. Anything that gets eaten,
chewed, worn out or are otherwise regarded as consumable should be
"re-showered."  For your second baby shower, I'm thinking of adding
goodies for papa and elder sibling, who will have a lot of changes in
their lives as well.  This dovetails in well with Marna's suggestion of
a toddler shower, what?

Susan Fox-Davis/Ma Foxti
selene at earthlink.net