[LMB] Re: Fandom Studies, AQ test OT:

Brad DeLong jbdelong at uclink.berkeley.edu
Thu, 14 Feb 2002 20:37:47 -0800

>I've been diagnosed with Asperger's, by a friend who knew
>me as a graduate student; this friend is not a certified pshrink.
>He did send me info on a couple of websites, which provided
>some handle on Asperger's Syndrome, although I still wasn't
>totally clear on what it is (perhaps because it's fuzzy around
>the edges, without any clear definition).  I seemed to meet
>some criteria ("hyperlexia" -- that's me), but not others.  One
>Web page talked about helping Asperger's patients find jobs,
>and these were jobs as janitors and whatnot.
>Huh, not jobs as engineers, computer programmers, or patent
>examiners?  Maybe Asperger's doesn't really describe people
>like me that well.
>Anyway, I got a score of 21, above the average of 16.4, but
>not a really high score.

Well, I got a score of 27 on 
<http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/9.12/aqtest.html>, so I'm 
apparently 2.33 times as "Aspergerish" as you are. We're talking 
about one of many poles of human personality types, and not all that 
far toward the pole either.

A story: about fourteen months ago, when the puppy was four months 
old, I took her to the office on a leash. I put her in a down stay in 
front of my feet, and turned to my computer to start planning out the 
syllabus for my spring courses.

Some time later--an hour later?--I looked up. The puppy was no longer 
curled up at my feet. The puppy was behind me. The puppy had knocked 
over the trash can. The puppy had overturned her water dish, flooding 
the back left corner of the office. The puppy had discovered a stack 
of ten styrofoam cups hidden behind the desk. She had dragged them 
out into the middle of the office. She had torn all ten of them into 
total shreds. She had scattered them about the whole office floor. 
Yet I had noticed none of this at all.

Scary? Yes. But during that hour or so I had accomplished more real 
productive work than I accomplish in most weeks. And I would pay 
dearly for the power to invoke that, um, "focused" mindstate at 

Brad DeLong