[LMB] OT: Leonidas Witherall, civil war reenactments

Mary Wilcox wilcox at atlas.socsci.umn.edu
Fri, 15 Feb 2002 11:54:15 -0600

A couple of people have asked me about Leonidas Witherall.  Leonidas Witherall
is a character in a series of mysteries, written by Alice Tilton, a pen
name for Phoebe Atwood Taylor (the Asey Mayo mysteries).

He reminds me of Miles in The Warrior's Apprentice because he goes
through an entire sequence of events where each step in the chain is
a perfectly reasonable thing to do, and yet he ends up somewhere 
ridiculous.  He also has lots of forward momentum, though not nearly
as good people skills.  

The books are cozies, with a dry sense of humor.  Leonidas keeps
finding himself in strange situations, like when a very proper matron
accosts him, and demands that he return the dinosaur footprint that
he stole from her Right Now, Please. Amazon.com has the first few 
pages up of one of the books, Dead Ernest.

Somebody (Eric?) wanted a mystery at a civil war reenactment.
Mother of the Bride, by Patricia Westfall, is about a murder during
a wedding that is taking place at a civil war reenactment.

Mary in St. Paul