[LMB] Press limitations on Barrayar

Michael R N Dolbear m.dolbear at lineone.net
Fri, 15 Feb 2002 22:01:06 -0000

> From: Bart Kemper <bkemper at bigdogz.com>
> Subject: [LMB] Press limitations on Barrayar
> Date: 15 February 2002 16:43
> last 40 years (different rant), we still have certain expectation 
> that do *NOT* even occur to someone from Russia, let alone Barrayar.
> Forex, ImpMil can swoop down, grab a bunch of people, and fast penta 
> them on THEIR reasonable suspicion, then act on the results.  They 
> can shut down trasportation hubs on THEIR reasonable suspicion. 

ImpMil ? ImpSec actually.

After decades of IRA bombings the second effectively applies in the British
Isles "the police have advised us that there is a suspicious vehicle parked
under a bridge, on their advice all trains have been halted" (last month).

Given the terrorists (as the ones who got Harroche his promotion) and
dissident Komarrans the "shut down transportation hubs" power is almost
inevitable. In France an independant examining magistrate might be on the
spot to give a judicial order but in the Anglo-Saxon world it's a senior
police officer and the judges get to review afterwards.

> They can do a LOT of things and all that happens is the proles 
> grumble, but quietly, since they know it could be worse rather 
> quickly.  Due process is *way* different.  Since these rights have 
> been demonstrately not in place, to our way of thinking, a free 
> press certainly won't be.  Historically, the first things taken from 
> a group by tyrants are the rights to assemble, free speech, and 
> private weapon ownership.....

Silvy Vale seems to have no difficulty with free assembly, at least I
didn't notice a picnic and music and dancing permit being applied for. How
does the District Militia fit into this usian distorted view ? Real
enemies, a recent enemy occupation and a civil war (compare Irish Republic)
tend to alter views on what is reasonable.

Little Egret