[LMB] Re: Terms for Cohabitation (was Re: parental leave)

TheOTThug at aol.com TheOTThug at aol.com
Fri, 15 Feb 2002 17:58:24 EST

Jim Toth suggests to da Pilot: 

<<> Pilot Padget--all for gender-neutral egalitarian terminology

<<Agreed. Well, one could fix with just one letter 
<<change:  PASSLQ (Persons of Appropriate Sex 

Doesn't work.  The reason is that this is a nosey 
category that wants to get into your sex life.  POSSLQ 
indicates an immoral household where you are living in
sin kinda like you was married!!!  HORRORS!  After all
if you were PSSSLQ (same sex sharing...) then you are
just platonic, non sinfull roommates (Unless you are 
gay, but fortunately so few are).  PASSLQ then does not
tell us if you are sinful or just thrifty and thus
cannot be used.  I suggest we use your acronym but make
it (Persons of Attractive Sex...) then we can add PUSSLQ for the non-sinful situation.

Jeff Parker
(Tongue so far in cheek that it hurts)