[LMB] Wedding (now OT:)

Laura Gallagher kelts at earthlink.net
Fri, 15 Feb 2002 16:20:45 -0800

> > Ooh, pretty. For another nonconventional wedding outfit -
> > http://www.kelthaven.org/wedding/couple.jpg
> You look stunning, as does Karl, but what rat-b*stard threw a
blueberry pancake
> at his head on his wedding day?
> *g,d,r,vvf*
> Marna.


I made that tam... (also wove the trim for his leine and my dress,
embroidered my leine, wove our handfasting band.  Oh, and painted the
goblet. And tams for father of bride and best man, and leine for best
man. It wasn't so much a wedding as a crafts project...)

He wears it to all SCA events.  I've offered to make him a new one,
pref. out of my handspun, but he says he doesn't want to part with
that one. Now EVERY time I see him in it, I'm going to think of it as
a blueberry pancake.  How am I going to keep from laughing?

Here, have a smushed frosting picture -