[LMB] Fandom Studies, AQ test OT:

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>Subject: Re: [LMB] Fandom Studies, AQ test OT:
>Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2002 12:44:58 EST
>Pat asked:
><<Ratz, Jeff. You mean there's no possibility of
><<hanging out with the most interesing people on the
>There is always hope, but just be sure to bring your
>book with you so we can all go to opposite ends of the
>room to read every so often. :-)

I'll have finished D.I. What else is coming out about that time?
Oh, I know, you don't want to meet me!! The mess-of-worms test: "Everybody 
hates me, nobody loves me, I'm gonna eat a mess of worms ..." Just because 
I'm fat, overaged, opinionated, need battery recharging time, wear wierd and 
sometimes nasty T-shirts....

Off to commit suicide .... well, maybe to hit a bookstore....

A T-shirt saying www.hyperlexia.org would sell very well in this crowd.

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