[LMB] OT: AQ test

Claudia Muir claudia at bookcase.com
Sat, 16 Feb 2002 19:29:31 +0100

Natalie wrote:

>I took it three times now -- 16 first, 20 second, 13 third time.  FWIW.  I 
>don't believe
>this test has any merit, and I am always suspicious of these kind of pop 
>quizzes.  I send patients for neuropsychologic testing on a fairly regular 
>basis, and
>half the time I have no idea what the results mean.  And these are 
>"official" four to
>eight hour long tests done by PhD's in neuropsych.

Hm.  I scored a 10.

Am I going to be excluded from the list now?  ;-)

I'll make Doug take it as soon as he returns from his business trip to