[LMB] FW: Betan Technological Superiority

K Kuhn kknolte at ecity.net
Sat, 16 Feb 2002 19:58:31 -0600

Stephen Nelson wrote:
> However, Pilot, if you look at basic research the US still
> does pretty well. Not to mention all those foreign exchange
> students who come over here, get the training, and go back
> home to put it to work. YMMV

And all those foreign exchange students who stick around.  I think
Canada complains of a brain drain to the US, and presumably it happens
to other places to.

Second question - in this discussion, are we comparing apples to
oranges?  ie, the US is a lot bigger than Germany or Japan - and I'd
assume that the bigger the sample size, the more likely you are to find
outliers.   Be interesting to see if China overtakes the US once it gets
its economic and educational house in order.