[LMB] OT: names as cruelty, was Significant Authors

Marna Nightingale marna at redmaplegrove.org
Sat, 16 Feb 2002 20:02:18 -0500

Andrew Lambdin-Abraham wrote:
> My professor of Classics[1] did a paper on how Kerberos (or Cerebus) the
> three headed dog that guards Hades is named Spot.

I have colleagues who need to see that. Can you get me a copy? 

I can probably trade one of Dr Kilmer's more interesting papers on Greek Erotic

(there are certain perils to being known for the sex-ed thing. Dr Kilmer once
sent me haring around to all of my gay male friends with photos of a certain
piece of terracotta because he wanted opinions on whether they were comitting
sodomy or merely frottage.) 


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