[LMB] OT: names as cruelty, was Significant Authors

Andrew Lambdin-Abraham andrew at firehead.org
Sat, 16 Feb 2002 20:56:03 -0600

On Saturday, February 16, 2002, at 05:54 PM, Laura Gallagher wrote:

> I try to always think of worst case scenarios with kids names.  My son
> was originally going to be Brendan Alexander, until 2 friends I
> mentioned it to said "Brandy Alexander, like the drink?" and one odd
> friend said "Brandy Alexander, like the porn star?"  Strike one name.
> Sadly for the Using-Bujold-Names theory, Gregory Gallagher sounds
> dorky, IMO.

I'll bet people probably say to the porn star "Brandy Alexander, like 
the drink?"
Anyway, my worst example was found in a directory of a senior class 
several years ahead of me.

Iona Precious Jewel Williams.[1]

Think of the forms to fill out.

For that matter, my own name comes to 20 characters in full, and 14 for 
the last alone.  Many annoying programmers though all names were much 
shorter than that.  I don't hate my parents for it, or anything else.  
But I will very likely get it changed, and I will never have a kid with 
a hyphen.

> I always felt sorry for my grandfather - name was picked before birth,
> irregardless of sex.  Marion Francis Deam.  Poor guy, no wonder he
> turned out to be such a SOB.

It was an essential feature of Mark Pierre Vorkosigan's redemption 
though, wasn't it?  Having a name already?


[1] Well, I can't recall her exact last name.  But the rest of it is