[LMB] Names

Susan Profit tinne at eskimo.com
Sun, 17 Feb 2002 01:50:46 -0800 (PST)

I grew up with a naming convention quite similar to that of the
Barrayar. Only in our case since my parents had three girls, we got
beyond the maternal grandmother's first/paternal grandmother's second 
name for the first child; paternal grandmothers first name/maternal
grandmother's second named for the second child. The only difference,
was the names come not from our grandmothers but our
great-grandmothers, IOW the grandmother of the parents. 

It was allowed to change the name by choosing a variant or other
language version of it. We also ran into a problem with me since my
maternal great-grandmother only had one given name, so my folks fought
for over a month about my second name. Thus I have two birth
certificates, including two versions of my given name and one with a
middle name. None of which were used when I started schoool. Sheesh!

My kid sister was born on December 25th, so of course, she was named
Holly. Which so scandalized the nuns at the hospital she was given
the name of a Hungarian Saint for her first name but no one ever
called her by that unless they were angry with her. 

When my poor kid brother came along I was just shy of twelve years old
and I was fully aware of the arguments about which variants of the
'correct' names would be used. My mother wanted the nice non-English
versions, my father wanted the plain vanilla English. I understood
about the two birth certificates then.  
So, to me the naming conventions of Barrayar are second nature and I
knew Mark's name before Miles even gave it to him. Having the name to
allow him to separate himself from the Miles Stand-in was indeed part
of helping him to redefine himself to himself. But I do get the
feeling that Mark is not so well adapted to Barrayar that he isn't
going to upset the Vor apple cart in some rather spectacular way
in his busness ventures. 

When he has children, I'm not so sure HE is going to follow the naming
conventions. I do get the feeling that if he is still on good terms
with Enrique when his first son is born, some form of Richard will be
in there. And I think he is just twisted enough to have some form of
Galen/Galeni in there along the way. Maybe Nagle or Elgani or 
something like that.

Susan in Seattle