[LMB] FW: Betan Technological Superiority

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> Subject: Re: [LMB] FW: Betan Technological Superiority
> Date: 17 February 2002 10:34
> Mark Atwood wrote:
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> > Scott Raun <sraun at fireopal.org> writes:
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> > > OK, I have a counterpoint (damn, I hate when I think of that) -
> > > Cordelia's Medical School, where the doctors are sworn to her.  How
> > > many people do you think this is?  And for how long?  Something
> > > similar could certainly be done for a more generalized case.
> > 
> > Question.  How can Cordelia have people personally sworn to her
> > without it counting against the family's armsman allotment?
> Because the service they are sworn to is not armed service.

And even armsmen can skate around this to some extent.

[ACC ch 8]

"You took their oaths?" Gregor's voice was suddenly very mild.
Ivan cringed. To receive an Armsman's oath before one was confirmed as a
Count or Count's heir was a serious crime, a violation of one of the
subclauses of Vorlopulous's Law which, among other things, had restricted a
Count's Armsmen to a mere squad of twenty. Lord Dono gave Szabo the barest
"We gave our personal words," Szabo put in smoothly. "Any man may freely
give his personal word for his personal acts, Sire."
"Hm," said Gregor.

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