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>> http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/9.12/aqtest.html

32. (That's today; other days there might be different scores. I think I
got 26 last time.)

I first heard of AS in a newsgroup related to computer systems
administration; someone made the claim that at least 30% of all
sysadmins have AS. I went googling and found out more about it (lost the
url, but it was a list of characteristics written by a pediatrician in
the UK who had a daughter with AS: I read the list and thought, Damn,
this woman has been looking over my shoulder all my life.)

Of course the diagnosis didn't hit the DSM until 1994, but I looked up
the psychologist I'd seen as a kid, who is still in practice, and booked
an appointment with him, in which I laid it out. His response was
something like "That might have been an appropriate diagnosis, had it
existed at the time." This was about 14 months ago.

I took the Myers-Briggs test as part of my communications class in
pharmacy school, in Fall '95. (I flunked. Not the M-B, the class. I'm
surprised, in retrospect, that they didn't diagnose me with AS right
then and there, but maybe it was still too new.) I never actually scored
the test, as I kept looking for that fifth circle that says "That
depends". Not one question in the whole damn list had an answer that I
could say was correct at all times. I wonder if this, in and of itself,
is a characteristic of AS. I did eventually fill it out; one of these
days I'll have to dig it out and score it.