[LMB] OT: death in family

Kirsten Houseknecht kirsten at fabricdragon.com
Mon, 18 Feb 2002 23:03:32 -0500

After a moderately lengthy decline, and prayers from many that she would be
able to die at home, as was her wish......

My grandmother, Florence Verda Richie, died tonight.
February 18 , 8:04 pm, in  Denver , Colorado.

I am very saddened by her passing, as she was a source of great support and
inspiration to me.  I had hoped to be able to see her one more time, before
she went.. but I am glad she didn't linger any further.
she was most firm in her desire to stay home until the end, and she did.


Runs in the family.

kirsten at fabricdragon.com