[LMB] OT: grandma

Kirsten Houseknecht kirsten at fabricdragon.com
Tue, 19 Feb 2002 01:19:50 -0500

My grandmother, Florence Verda Richie, being a stubborn and determined soul,
apparently decided she wasn't going to leave until she said goodbye to

She died at 8:04, was dead for ten minutes, and without being resuscitated
regained/had a faint pulse and began breathing.
she was cold, and obviously not well, but was declared to be alive.  she was
cleaned up and made comfortable, and while not regaining consciousness,
exactly, did seem to recognize voices.

my mother had the phone held to grandma's ear, and spoke to her briefly.....
I called her and spoke to her briefly......
she made intent noises in response when I spoke to her.

It was.. odd.

About five minutes after my call, she stopped breathing again.
that was at 9:22 Denver time.
as of 11 pm Denver time she hasn't come back, so we are assuming she has
departed for her destination...........and didn't forget anything important
this time.

Relatives and nurses who had been with her in the last day or so have said
that in the last little while she said she saw her mother......
and that that day she said she was in the room with her.
her mother, my great grandmother, died in that house as well.... her last
days spent under my grandmothers care.

One of the nurse attendants, an older woman, had been a nursing student
under my grandmother when my grandmother was head nurse. Several relatives
had been able to stop by, who might not have normally seen her soon.

my mother is flying out tomorrow morning.  my father is flying out on
I may not be able to get out to Denver for the funeral, but I do not yet
know the schedule.

prayers are welcome.
kirsten at fabricdragon.com