[LMB] Fandom Studies, AQ test OT:

Nora Bombay nbombay at mindspring.com
Tue, 19 Feb 2002 19:49:45 -0500

>Eric Oppen wrote:

>You people may admire my gift of invective---but my mom could, with little
>or no provocation beyond a moment's boredom, have gone into a sarcasm-off
>with Gareth Blackstock and Severus Snape, and exited the arena alone and
>victorious, leaving them bleeding and emasculated behind her.  When directed
>at me, it was unpleasant.  When directed at what I considered worthy, guilty
>targets, it was enormously enjoyable.

That can be fun. It's the same instinct I have for truely bad 
entertainment- the joy of making it awful. I apparently have a gift for 
inadverdent character assination.

Mostly aimed at the fictional.

It's no fun to rant if nobody wants to listen.

Elizabeth, who thinks this was the source of much of her love of Marvel Comics