[LMB] Miles' nepotism

Kathleen McClure kjmcclure at mindspring.com
Tue, 19 Feb 2002 23:37:21 -0600

Betsy Hosler <hosler at helix.mgh.harvard.edu> wrote:
> Subject: [LMB] Miles' nepotism
> A comment in DI (no spoilers) got me to thinking about Miles and his
> opinion that everyone thinks he's gotten his military posts and now
> Auditor's post because of nepotism.
> I think that the number of people that know his competence is growing.
> Start with the military academy.
> So there's maybe 4 years worth of academy trained officers, at least some
> by now Captains or so, who have reason to believe that Miles' past and
> current positions are not held only due to nepotism. Add to that the
> instructors he had, who would express their opinions among their peers.
> On the social/political side, the CoC has accepted him as his father's rep,
> and the members there have probably developed a feel for his abilities.
> Just thinking that Miles is further along than he claims, in developing a
> reputation for himself, rather than as his father's son.
I agree.  All of ImpSec knows that he rescued Simon Ilyan, and nailed
Haroche despite all Haroche's attempts to frame Miles and Duv Galeni.  In
fact, Duv's very public arrest at the Imperial party (I forget what was the
occasion) and speedy exoneration must have brought Miles to the attention of
a lot of important people.  The news of the ImpSec affair even made it to
Komarr because Ekaterin was aware that there had been two changes in
leadership there.  And the other Auditors may have had occasion to speak of
their impressions of him and his work as Temporary Auditor and appointment
to the Lord Auditor circle.

The Komarr affair, on the other hand, was hushed up so much that there was
only rumor that something had happened there.  So Miles didn't get credit
for that with outsiders.

It will be interesting to see how much of the action in Diplomatic Immunity
will get back to Barrayar. I imagine that will be too big to cover up.