[LMB] OT: AQ test

Patricia A. Swan zafaran at sff.net
Wed, 20 Feb 2002 04:35:03 -0500

At 10:12 PM 2/19/2002 -0700, PAT MATHEWS wrote:
following up on what Marna wrote:
>Re: totem animals: I dunno, I woke up one day about 5 years back and I
> >had... a
> >mouse.  Who is with me yet. She seems to be some relation of Miss 
> Bianca's,
> >if
> >her sartorial tendancies are any indication. It seems to work, 
> somehow...
> >
>That's neat! My clan totem (father's side) is the Scottish Wildcat, 
>considering my lifelong relationship with cats is really worthwhile.

So what is the totem animal for a high-degree INTJ.  I'm pretty much 
extreme range on everything except N.

Pat in North Carolina
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