[LMB] Taxes vs wages

Marna Nightingale marna at redmaplegrove.org
Wed, 20 Feb 2002 11:39:07 -0500

Bart Kemper wrote:
>  > From: Stephen Nelson <snelson134 at charter.net>
>  > There, we agree. Corporate welfare is just as bad as any other
>  > sort. It isn't the government's place to donate my money to
>  > anyone.
>  > Marna Nightingale wrote:
>  >> Nortel (for example) seems to have some very decided ideas as
>  >> to what they might find to do with MY tax dollars.  This does
>  >>  not disturb me in principle, it disturbes me in practice.
> Can't get behind such a broad statement.  

What Bart Said. I think we disagree, Stephen, but we are both working from
consistent positions:  If A then B. You're in favour of Not A not B. I'm in
favour of A and B. 

I'm not offended by the fact that BNR has gotten a LOT of tax money over the
years; they also wired our North. Their existence has done many good things for
Canada and certainly for Ottawa.  But it's the devils' deal: the position I find
understandable and consistent from Jeff or Mark, "it's my money and no business
of yours" -- I do not find acceptable from Nortel.  What Nortel does with its
money is decidedly my business. 

(I'm not especially picking on Nortel. It's the example that comes to mind, is

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