[LMB] OT: names as cruelty

Scott Hofmann shofmann at mindspring.com
20 Feb 2002 15:16:51 -0500

>>>>> "N" == Natalie  <gnatg at bookcase.com> writes:

 N> JEANCAIN at aol.com wrote:
 >> <lost attribution>
 >> > I try to always think of worst case scenarios with kids names.
 >> <snip>
 >> Jean Cain -- who wisely rejected all suggestions that we name our children
 >> Nova or Lido or Benzo or Sugar or Candy or Raisin . . .

 N> I hate to admit to this, but I am related to one of the worst hyphenated name
 N> combos I have ever heard.  I have a second cousin, whom we will call "Jane".  Her
 N> last name is the same as mine (Getzoff).  She married a very nice gentleman with
 N> the last name of Dailey.  And hyphenated her name.  So she is "Jane"
 N> Getzoff-Dailey.  Can you imagine?

Did that wedding make it onto Jay Leno's Headlines?


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