[LMB] Re: Max and the Typhoon

Richard Macdonald rmacdonald at microd.com
Wed, 20 Feb 2002 18:50:31 -0500

Claudia Muir wrote:
> Agnes Charrel-Berthillier wrote:
> >I enjoyed the story, too.
> Thank you, Agnes.
> >And even if that lady put it up without proper attribution, she made it
> >available in an easier way than the archive does.
> That's true, of course.  I still wonder where in the archives the story
> is.  I can't remember the date at all -- and it wasn't the November typhoon
> that I first thought it was.  Hm.
> >So Claudia... why not contact her and ask her to add the attribution...
> >and/or put up your own version online - without the garish floral
> >background that tiles incorrectly for users with high resolution monitor,
> >ideally ;)
> [chuckle] Yeah - what were those Easter bunnies all about, anyway?
> >I'd propose to host it, but you (or Doug?) have your own webpage, don't you?
> Yeah, we do (but thanks so much for the nice offer!).  Doug has his own but
> basically I maintain it for him, so I changed mine to a family website
> lately because that makes things easier.   I wanted to publish some of his
> other writings there anyhow -- no, don't get all excited, that's all
> alternate history -- and the Max story will do nicely there.
> And there won't be any floral backgrounds, I promise!! ;-)

I already have it as a MS Word file saved on my hard drive.
The header for the first message is at least in the file.
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