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Wed, 20 Feb 2002 21:40:42 -0800 (PST)

--- "Christine L. Forber" <christine at forber.net>
(responding to Adam, I think)

> >Also, 
> >_Conflict of Honors_ had a distictly different feel
> for me than the 
> >other two books in _PIN_.  I can't really explain
> what the difference 
> >was (it wasn't better or worse, just different) but
> it seemed like a 
> >slightly different style.
> Agreed. _CoH_ is more of a space opera romance, as
> are the two books in 
> _PC_. The other books, although all have romance
> threads, are more 
> adventurous. Personally, I prefer Shan as a main
> character to Val Con, which 
> is probably why I loved _CoH_.

So do I.  Now, my Liaden experience isn't great-- it
only goes back to Monday, when I opened the copy of
_PiN_ that I'd bought because of raves on this list. 
I didn't read _Conflict of Honors_ nonstop, but that's
only because I had to run an errand, and I don't
believe in reading and driving at the same time.  I
did take the book along and picked it up at long
stoplights to read a few sentences more.

Yesterday I read _Agent of Change_.  I would have read
_Carpe Diem_ today if it weren't for Real Life.  (For
some reason, my employer expects me to show up and
work in exchange for that paycheck.) It might be the
weekend before I finish _Pilot's Choice_, but that's
OK, the other two books haven't arrived yet.  I'm
reading them just like I read LMB's books after I
picked up _BoI_ a few years back.  Must...have...more.

Anyway, it may be presumptuous of me to volunteer an
opinion after having read only two books, but I also
found Shan more appealing than Val Con.  In _CoH_, we
see Shan surrounded by friends and family.  Despite
his responsibilities, he can be playful.  His
relationship with his crew reminds me of some of
Heyer's heroes, the ones with a much-put-upon attitude
that doesn't really conceal their affection.  Val
Con's situation is considerably more intense, with a
much higher body count and more immediate danger.  

One of the many things I like about this list is the
book recommendations.  SF, fantasy, mystery, romance,
linguistics, history, biography, YA or adult-- I've
been alerted to lots of great things I would otherwise
have missed. Of course, if we didn't have good taste
in literature, we wouldn't be here, right?



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