[LMB] Another "kosher" question

Patricia A. Swan zafaran at sff.net
Thu, 21 Feb 2002 03:45:43 -0500

Shalom, Debra, et al.

I've got a question.  What is the status of Canola oil aka Rapeseed oil 
(and rapeseeds) in kosher foods?  I've got allergy problems and someone 
(I forget who) made a not quite joking comment about I'd probably be 
healthier if I kept kosher.  I got to thinking about this when I was 
grocery shopping last night and almost the only bread I was able to 
find that didn't have canola oil was a Jewish rye marked (K) parve, so 
I wondered if looking for kosher might allow me avoid this and a few 
other items.  Last week I was only able to find one peanut butter that 
was safe (Smuckers Peanut Butter and Jelly).  Gh*d forbid I ever need 
neutritional drinks like Ensure or SlimFast (I have problems with low 
blood sugar because I don't eat enough calories, and I was looking to 
try some of these to give me a boost on my calorie intake that wasn't 
junk). I've not been able to find *any* of the brands that didn't have 
canola, and some of them also have aspartame which is a two-for-one hit.

Pat in North Carolina
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