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 Well, I am not yet 52 (but will be by the time _Diplomatic Immunity_ hits
 the stores). Single, Engineer, works for a rather well known Aerospace firm
 (waves at fellow employees Mike and Scott), no pets, possesses close to
 7000 books. And, I can't stop.
 Robert A. Woodward    robertaw at 

I'm 47, married (over 28 years), two children, one cat, three computers (at 
last count--no wait, four, Cathy's is still here, she'd rather use the more 
advanced ones in her computer lab at school). Two short stories published 
nationally, a couple of others here and there, two novels in circulation 
(which is writerese for 'sitting in a mailroom hoping someone will open them 
someday'). Accounts payable clerk for Jeld-Wen. Writing a short story a week 
this year (well, so far it's worked out!), and slowly revising an older novel 
so it, too, can gather dust Out There. One and a half Imperial Bryants 
(7500-ish) of books. And we're going to Powells' this weekend.

--Jean Lamb, tlambs1138 at