[LMB] Re: Who and Where we are

Tom Vinson Tom_Vinson at mpsisys.com
Thu, 21 Feb 2002 12:37:41 -0600

Tom Vinson
Born 3 May 1946 in Liberal, Kansas, USA*
Studied at various times:
  Germanic languages (emphasis on Old Norse)
  computer science (my day job)

Play double bass, recorder, a bit on other instruments
Sing bass (very base, as my father used to say)

Language freak (German, Icelandic, French, Russian...)

Have built two beds, one deck and several bookcases
(although by no means enough)

Living in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with wife and son;
daughter is in college in Massachusetts
(I am year of the dog, my wife is a dragon.  In spite of
everything I've seen on the subject we're still together
after 23 years.)

tom_vinson at mpsisys.com
ljodpundari at mailpuppy.com

[*] AFIK there IS no Socialist, Kansas