[LMB] Listees by Nation

Razenna razenna at earthlink.net
Thu, 21 Feb 2002 10:43:17 -0800

Carol A. Gray-Ricci
Born May 27, 1934, Woodland, California
Current residence San Francisco, California.  (Never lived out of Calif., or further
south than San Francisco)
One Husband (Bert Ricci, Born January 18, 1944 in Newark, New Jersey, also a LMB fan)

Three Cats (Samantha Emily Siddons, Jeremiah T. Catullus, Arthur McCavety Purry)
Retired accounting clerk, now volunteering two afternoons a week at the cat portion
of the local SPCA animal shelter, and basically a rather uninteresting person.
(Current desire, a tee shirt in a local shop that says "Do I look like a people