[LMB] Re: Con Jose

PAT MATHEWS mathews55 at msn.com
Thu, 21 Feb 2002 16:53:33 -0700

>From: Susan Fox-Davis <selene at earthlink.net>
>Honorable Klingon Husband and I bought memberships back when he was
>working.  He may be working again by the time the con rolls around, but
>he may not be.

Oh, I hope so!

In the former case, the sooner the better or we will not
>be able to find a hotel room.  In the latter, we need to do this con on
>the extreme cheap!  We have a buddy in San Jose who can probably put us
>up at least [Laura, I'm talking about Kory here].

If it was just you, I'd offer to go thirds with me and Phyllis.

>I'm going to find it distinctly odd to go to a major SF con and not be
>able to go Shopping.  Grump.  You mean we'll have to go to, erm, Panels?


And hotel food instead of Ma Foxti food? "tis not to be borne!

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