[LMB] Bagels

Bart Kemper bkemper at bigdogz.com
Thu, 21 Feb 2002 19:10:35 -0600

 > Just to chime in on another thread, the goodness that is
 > Brooklyn pizza is only surpassed by the sublimity that is the
 > Brooklyn bagel.  I've found half-way decent pizza down here
 > (near Philly), but I had a much easier time finding edible
 > bagels in central NY than I do here.  I may starve to death
 > before I finish med school...
 > Paige (3rd generation Brooklynite)


thanks for that friendly jab in the memory <grin>  I quite agree.... 
or that special taste of a sandwich from a REAL deli..... arrgghhhhhh