[LMB] OT: Focused mind (was AQ test)

Marla J. Davis crzydrgn at intrnet.net
Thu, 21 Feb 2002 08:04:10 -0600

> I did not take the test and do not believe I have Aspergers. But...
> I *can* invoke that sort of focused mindset at will.
> I do so all the time, when I read and when I program. If people talk
> directly to me when I am doing one of those things, I will look up a
> minute or so later and say something like, "Did you say something?" If
> they are not talking directly to me, I simply do not hear them. I
> program with talk radio shows blaring away at me and when I take a
> break, realize I have no idea what subject the radio show is
> discussing. I like having the noise in the background while I work,
> though.
> It is a form of self-hypnosis, not a mental illness.
> ~Michael

Ditto.  If I'm drawing, reading or on the computer, my name's about the
*only* thing that'll get my attention.  You could probably drop a building
on me, and unless it blocked my light or cut power to my laptop I'd never

When I'm driving, on the other hand, I'm tracking so many different things
in so many different directions it's almost scary...the kids on my regular
school route think I'm psychic.  With a second pair of eyes hidden in the
back of my head.  And extra ears stashed in the back seats, too!  >=]

who thinks kids like Miles are merely "a challenge" (see nickname...)