[LMB] Re: Bios (was Listees by nation)

David Samson ddj.samson at worldnet.att.net
Thu, 21 Feb 2002 22:25:54 -0800

David Samson. Born 8/29/1949, Sacramento, CA
several years in Richmond, CA the moved to Lakeport CA until grad HS.
San Diego State Univ 1967-73 (changed major) military history
1973-1993 US Army Infantry, Lab Tech, Computer analyst
Various locations ending in Denver, CO (loved the tour in Germany)
1993-2002 Eugene, OR working for Mckesson installing
instrument interface computers, training and supporting

Married to Julia (since 1978) who still costumes and reads.  
Son Darcy finally on his own...  

SCA since 1970 not too active now.
14 full book shelves (mostly 6' tall) History, costuming, computers,
SF, fantasy, mysteries, regencies....  Like the Baen and Belgrave
house ebooks for trips.  All loaded on my laptop.
Watching the olympics now.  Hooked up my laptop to the house
network to do mail and web in living room..

Like to travel.  Army sent me to Germany and Mckesson all over the
US and a few places in Canada, and once for a month to Saudi

First Con was Westercon in LA in I think 1970, done lots of Norwescon's
and now Orycon's

Used to shoot pistol and high power rifles in competion, now just for