[LMB] Googling the List was - Listees by nation

Michael R N Dolbear m.dolbear at lineone.net
Fri, 22 Feb 2002 14:53:31 -0000

Subject: [LMB] Listees by nation
From: Shalom Septimus druggist at pobox.com
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 17:49:06 -0500

> Well... I was actually born on the 28th, at around 8PM. Remember that
> The reason I didn't come right out and say the date is that I was a
> little nervous about it. This info is going on the web, in the list
> archives if nowhere else, and I didn't want my full legal name and
> date-of-birth juxtaposed where anyone who ever heard of Google can find
> them.
> Too many places use that as verification of ID.

I hadn't realised the new list archives were spidered, the old list wasn't
(I checked a December posting to be sure).

This should be added to the FAQ or do we petition Mel to add "Robots
nofollow" ?

For our purposes it's handy since the new list has no other search method
yet, but means the use of if not H*n*r H*rr*ngt*n then certainly g*ns is
actually needed.

Little Egret