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Fri, 22 Feb 2002 08:23:02 -0800 (PST)

Still behind, still scrambling.

Pirate Padget <scott.r.padget at boeing.com> declares

>> Neutral Good Elf Bard Ranger  ??
>As was I.
>Hey, Pouncer and I are Faerie Twins!

>Only for Pouncer it's a *perfect* fit, whereas for me
>it's merely a pretty good fit.

I'm the one who thinks a "Bard Ranger" is prone to
roll over at high speeds on curved roads.  And while
I'm not much on DnD, I had the impression their elves,
(unlike Tolkien's) were short. T'aint me, babe.
<he warbled, in his best Dylan impression...>

James M. BRYANT, G4CLF" <jbryant at iee.org> warns:

>Pouncer screwed up his subject line from a*sehole to
>Christmas... Be frightened, Pouncer. You MAY find yourself
>forbidden to read "Winterfair Gifts".

I shiver. I quake.  A p*ssed-off engineer, after ME?

Jeff Melcher, b. 1957; Kansas  m. 1992;Texas
Spouse age commensurate, born in Texas.
Daughter 1 b. 1992; daughter 2 b.  1994;born in
China, but documented Texans. son b. 2000 in Korea,
Texas certification in process. (He's gotta demonstrate
black-eyed-pea eating for the board...)

Currently resident in Grand Praire, Texas, between
Dallas and Fort Worth.  Currently employed in
civilian service to the U.S. military exchange
system -- on detail from Logistics Directorate to
the Purchasing/EDI group. (New assignment as of
this month, hence lack of time.  ObBujold,
Cordelia's "Start Up Costs". )

"Pouncer", on the other hand, was sort of
discovered in the late 1970's at Kansas State
University under circumstances too embarrassing
to relate.  

On topic notion for discussion...

Galeni declares doing twenty years military service
to Barrayar makes anyone honorary Vor.  Tien suggests
the typical (at least, typical Vor) service is only
10 years.  Vorthys makes the deliberate point that
Miles (including his rather exclusive tenure in the
ImpMil academy) had served for MORE than ten years
and was medically discharge.

I infer that Barrayaran officers encounter a filter
of some sort, kicking in at about the ten year mark,
that pushes out the typical officer and leaves
the "honorary Vor"worthy in service at the higher
ranks in that second or later decade.  Miles
seems to me to reinforce that inference in his
concern that his promotion from Lt to Cpt was
"overdue".  Up or out -- if he was doing good
enough to keep he should have the rank showing

Lt. Vormoncrief was a leaky ham-handed moron.  Major
Zamori, on the other hand, was serious and nobody's
fool.   Vormoncrief seems liable to be filtered.
Zamori is past at least the first TWO cuts (in
peacetime, yet) and is on track for his twenty.

Ivan made captain and has completed his early
assignments well.

Don't you suppose there is an officer's advanced
course, some sort of master's or doctor's of
vorish officerism, that Ivan should be assigned
to, about now?  How's he gonna make major, if

Such an OAC would be a strenuous challenge with 
field exercises on Sergyar, I would hope...

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