[LMB] Re: Listees by Nation

Claudia Muir claudia at bookcase.com
Fri, 22 Feb 2002 17:35:34 +0100

At 15:46 22.02.02, David Klecha wrote:


Neat job, I wanted to say that of your first site too.  I like the 
address:  "dangermouse"...


>   Although... I do know we have a Spaniard, an
>Italian and a German or two actually living in Germany that have yet to send
>me anything... So...

Pfff...  oh, okay.  I get the hint.  It's not as if it was subtle, or 
anything.  [big grin]  And I was already working on it, really!!

Claudia (and can you believe it?  I started writing "Drescher")  Muir
Born:  November 16, 1966  in Germany
Grew up in Germany and Turkey, lived in Florida in 1988, working for a 
mouse (yes, yes...)
Current residence:  Ostheim, Germany.  Next move:  pending -- either to 
Belgrade or to Washington, DC.  Probably sometime in May 2002.

Married to ex-listee Doug Muir. Our first one is due any day now.  No, he 
will not be named after a Vorkosigan character, we think it's enough that 
he has his last name.

Education:  Translator for English and German, specialized on the IT 
sector,  half-hearted economist.  The latter was an economic decision 
rather than a heart-felt one.  I have my own translation service but due to 
the crash of the IT sector, business was rather slow in the past months. 

Hobbies:  Reading, writing, hiking, cooking, eating sushi (no, it's not an 
addiction, it's a hobby!), travelling, photography, 
languages.  Hm.  Gardening. Hm.  Did I mention reading?

Books:  Lots.  There would be more if Doug and I stopped moving around so 
much -- if you move from Saipan to New Haven to Washington to 
Belgrade,  the volume of your library suffers. [1]  We have about 1,000 
books here in Germany and about 2,000 in storage somewhere in 
Virginia.  And do we miss those books!  Favorite hang-outs:  Kramer Books 
in Washington, DC and The Strand in New York.

I guess that's it in a nutshell.


[1] But we're crazy.  Two years ago, we went to Saipan.  At the local 
library sale, I bought a couple of SF novels of the kind "read it but don't 
own it and want to own it".  Made Doug haul them across the Pacific and the 
American mainland and back in Washington, we discovered that they were 
books Doug had donated before he left Saipan two years earlier...