[LMB] OT: Bios

Fatima Raja raja at fas.harvard.edu
Fri, 22 Feb 2002 12:14:32 -0500 (EST)

Divya wrote:

> BTW, I know there's at least one Pakistani on the list -- Fatima? You
> there?


Raja, Fatima

Nationality: Pakistan

DOB: 12/12/1979

Current Residence (hopefully temporary): Cambridge, Mass. USA

Employment: Research assistant for a Women's Studies professor, and get to
read things like Richard Burton and the diaries of Victorian travellers in
Persia and Turkey. Also lackey at a research programme which does
interest-free finance.

Education: Currently a junior at Harvard, in Folklore and Mythology (in
particular, Indo-European Mythology). Fun fieldwork I have done has
entailed meeting hijras (e*nuchs/hermaphr*dites, depending on who you
ask), murderers, thugs, wrestlers and p*mps. Also filkers in MASSFILC (not
to imply they share anything with thugs, wrestlers and p*mps except in
that they were a subject of my fieldwork).

Previous residences: Lahore, Pakistan for most of my life. Karachi,
Pakistan. Oslo, Norway.

Family: Sisters Amena (19) who was utterly delighted to receive CoC as a
birthday present, and Mehrbano (10) who can't understand her sisters'
fascination with books. Brother Murad (18) who has read three books/series
in his life, one of which was the Vorkosigan books. He wants to be Miles
when he grows up. All three are in school or college in Lahore. My parents
run a hosiery unit and a furniture factory.

SF: Have been reading it in some form or another since the age of 4.
Bujold: You don't find a great many sf books in Lahore, so you pick up
what you come across. I came across _Barrayar_. Have been on the list a
couple of years, mostly very inactive.

Fandom: Have filked, attending a MiniLoisCon or so. Have concommed two
Vericons (Harvard's con). On-and-off member of HRSFA, the college sf
association. Occasional lurker on rasff, rasfw, rasfc.

What I want to be when I grow up: A tenured professor teaching
Indo-European mythology, and contributing to grade inflation any way I
can. Failing that, a writer.

What I *really* want to be when I grow up: A dilettante.

Stubbornly hold on to: British spellings and the metric system.

Standard disclaimer: I am not a terrorist. Yes I'm from Pakistan. No I'm
still not a terrorist. Don't know any personally either. Really.

Fatima Raja