[LMB] Listees by nation

Sarah Stock sarah at pomland.fsworld.co.uk
Fri, 22 Feb 2002 19:38:31 -0000

Just to add some variety to the nations of birth, I'll delurk.

Sarah Stock
DOB June 1970, Rotorua, New Zealand. (famous only for having boiling mud
pools and geysers)
Resident in  Hampshire, UK since April 2000
BSc in Computer Science.

Working for a software company building telephone billing systems, been
there since University, done just about every job there is in building
software and selling it for them.

Very first fantasy was the Hobbit at age four (it was my dad's idea of a
bedtime story, that and Greek myths and legends.)  Read fantasy ever since,
and I can still remember the feeling when I realised that there was actually
other people who read and liked this stuff. Got introduced to Bujold when a
friend was reading Warriors Apprentice at work and I read a little of it.

Hobbies, reading obviously, cross stitch, roller blading, computer games,

Okay, that ought to do me for the next 6 months or so