[LMB] Inigo Montoya matches, OT: was Listees by nation

Laura Gallagher kelts at earthlink.net
Fri, 22 Feb 2002 14:51:48 -0800

> Laura said:
> > I will offer to herald the bout - although I must admit Ma Foxti
> > far the more experienced herald.  (We can both be loud, though...)
> I got my AA for running Waterbearers at a Crown.  <snippage>
> I'd be willing to revive the duty for this event. <G>
> Diane E

You know, given that the most common reaction I hear tales about, of
fighters reacting to the (often young female) waterbearer who's just
shown up to offer them water, gatorade, etc, is to propose... and
given that Marna's one of the fighters here... that could be

(As best as I can tell, I got my AoA for helping at all the newsletter
mailings, and possibly my bread baking. Those just don't get the same

Ok, we got heralds, we got a waterbearer.  Kevin's done marshalling
but only for heavy fighters - anyone have a rapier marshall lined up?
I can tell we can run with this, set it up down to the dancing

Laura G.