[LMB] Lynette's Bio for the great List collection

Daniel R. Reitman dreitman at spiritone.com
22 Feb 2002 15:39:08 +0000

"Padget, Scott R" <scott.r.padget at boeing.com> wrote:

> Forwarded from the temporarily-unsubbed Lynette.

>. . . .

> Lynette Kaye Jagoda   (Jagoda means strawberry in Polish)
> Birthday March 5
> I will be 36 in a few weeks.  
> Born in Detroit, Michigan, spent large portion of teens/early 20's in 
> Orlando, Fla, now live and work in Richland, Washington.

You don't say!  I was in your area for RadCon last weekend.  
(Doubletree Pasco)

>. . . .

> Misc Fan stuff- Love SF in general- I am currently a con  *virgin*  but have 
> plans to change that in the next 18 months or so.  

Ah.  That explains it.  Some to OryCon in November.  We're still at a 
pretty inexpensive level to prereg.

> Hopefully by attending one  with Lois (haven't met her yet) and lots of 
> listees. (Pilot and Marna being  high on the desired fellow attendee list, I 
> have this strange desire to get *glittered*  after reading the Arisia report 
> <grin>)
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And my turn:

Daniel R. Reitman
Born:	June 26, 1968, Bronx, NY
Raised:	Guilford, CT
Current Residence:	Portland, OR

Oberlin College, BA 1990, East Asian Studies, minor Religion
University of Oregon School of Law, JD 1995
Member of Oregon and Washington bars

Currently sharing a storefront office in what may turn into a two or 
three attorney partnership in SE Portland, almost into Gresham.  

SJM, no kids or clones.  Currently unattached.
Liberal Democrat.  Would like to see cooperatives develop as a 
political/economic force, but doesn't see it happening.

SF reader since I-can't-remember-when.  First Bujold 1998, when a 
friend lent me TWA.  Didn't get into it until reading Barrayar some 
months later.  Then it took off on me.
Filker since 1997.  Bujold filks include "Purify" (original music), 
"500 Miles Filks" (not to be confused with the other 500 Miles filk, 
"Vor" (not to be confused with Bill Sutton's of same name), 
"Cetagandan Ale," and several others. 
Fan since 1986 (Oberlin SF Society).  Secretary of Portland SF 
Society 2001-02.  
Congoer since 1998 (RadCon 2B). Regularly attended 
cons include RadCon and OryCon.  Irregularly attended cons include 
NorWesCon and Westercon.  Have attended Rustycon and GaFilk once 
each.  Will be at first WorldCon this year.
Not SCAdian.

								Dan, ad nauseam