[LMB] Listees by nation

Marla J. Davis crzydrgn at intrnet.net
Sat, 23 Feb 2002 04:29:47 -0600

Richard Garrett Molpus admitted to being:

> Republican - anarchistic/loony/cream-pie-down-your-pants or dress branch.

Howdy!  ::smiling brightly::  I was wondering if there were any more of us
around here.  ,'=}  Seems like practically everybody's a Democrat or
Libertarian here!  ::shrug::  Well, I did vote Democrate against our last
town mayor in Morris...when we finally found *some*-body other'n his brother
to seriously run against him.  Sheesh!

> Believes that the only _fully_ revolutionary song
> to come form the '70s was "Sunshine" by Johnathan
> Edwards - "He can't even run his own life; I'll be
> damn'd if he'll run mine". All the other
> "Revolutionary" songs were retreads.


> Always wonders why people believe that the books
> don't have to balance, even when they struggle to
> keep a good credit rating.

Yeah.  That, and then there's the folks who rush to *eagerly* declare
bankruptcy--and then are surprised when their credit rating drops down into
the septic system...::scratches head in perplexity::

> Anything above a "C" cup gets in the way, and becomes unaesthetic.

::snicker!::  Heh.  Yup!  Mom and I both wish we could "downsize" from
"D"...I had *so* much sympathy for Dolly Parton when I first saw her!
Though if the right support/coverage is there, "D"s *can* be quite
Really!  You just have to be the right height for 'em.  ;=P

off to work on a Saturday...